Do you want to add a photo of your dog?

Send a photo to [email protected], include name of photographer and also this text in the mail:
 "I herby certify that I am the copyright holder for attached images and I give permission for the use of the images on Meringa Australian Kelpie Pedigree database." 

You must have the copyright of the photo! The photo/photos should be of a dog standing, head shot or working sheep/cows/ducks. Dogs in sports,  e.g. tracking, agility would not be publish.
You must include the name of the photographer.

I reserve the right to resize, crop or choose not to accept photos that do not meet the quality needed.

I have a partnership with Kelpiegallery,
If your dog is in the gallery, I will link to that photo. If your dog is not in the gallery then you can send me a photo to add to the database.